Over the years friends and family have called me Renaissance Girl for good reason. Now I'm reinventing myself once again as an author of adult psychological thriller fiction with speculative elements, which translates to, heavy on the ghosts.

  The concept for SAVING THE DEAD came to me while I still practiced dentistry. The novel has endured more metamorphoses than a mutant butterfly as I've stumbled along this writer's path and taken a few misguided turns and detours. But with the help of many people willing to share their time and knowledge, numerous workshops, classes, and books on writing fiction, the story has emerged much stronger than I had ever hoped.

  My wish is that you come to love the ghosts and the living as much as I have loved discovering their stories. Once that dam broke, more characters have shoved their way to the forefront, meaning more stories and novels and ... isn't that a good thing!


A former: Secretary, seamstress, bartender, cosmetic & oral surgical dentist. 

Currently: Debut novel author. Watercolor, pastel, and acrylic artist. Lover of life.

Wife of a beautiful husband, mother to two adult daughters.

Living in the warmth of  my adopted Florida.