A disabled opera singer.

The guardian ghost who never left.

The spirit unwillingly tethered to Earth. 

Will the truth free them individually? Or shatter their tenuous connections and keep them stuck forever.

I sit alone in Tampa Bay's Carol Morsani Hall and strain to hear the ghosts. Their words are always muffled and indistinct, much like a polite dinner party in the next room.

Why does no one hear them but me?

And why do their whispers always carry one clear word?

My name.


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When physics genius slash sex addict Everlee Mathews has the chance to fight for her father's parole, the father who saved her 25 years ago, of course she'll step up. But it turns out he's not the murderer she thought. Troy Blackmon wants to stop killing and needs her help. As Everlee fights to free her father and slowly uncovers 25 years of secrets, Troy works just as hard to bury them deeper. But someone else is out to destroy them all.


Everlee sat back and stared at her father. He was not a murderer? For twenty-five years, he'd kept this secret from her? Twenty-five years, she'd believed a lie while her father had willingly suffered in this hellhole.

Why? For what reason?

All the wild Florida theme park coasters she'd ridden with their three-sixty corkscrews and inverted loops and vertical drops could not have prepared her gut now churning with her father's revelation.

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